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Dialogue: Conflict/Resolution
February 13-March 20
Gallery Hours: M, W, F, 4-9PM & By Appointment (beth@dashboardcoop.org)
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With boundless connectivity, we watch, read about, and experience a world very much in conflict. In some instances, our direct participation happens involuntarily given variables like physiology, social constructs, and systemic prejudices. Individual agency may come in choosing how to process emotion and information, and by developing language. For Dialogue: Conflict/Resolution, 6 artists examine various notions of conflict – what results are distinct moments of grace as they search for resolution. 


Michi Meko: Pots and Kettles is a sound installation taking ownership of the idiom “the pot calling the kettle black.” The expression illustrates how criticism of another may just as easily apply to the critic.  Artist Talk: March 4, 7pm

Dr. Doris Derby is an activist and documentary photographer. She was active in the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement, and her work is on the themes of race and identity of African Americans, specifically African American women. Photographs on display depict public dialogue around the Democratic Party elections, Student Nonviolent CC, and the Free Southern Theater. Artist Talk, March 11, 6pm with Nicole Cromartie, The Center for Civil and Human Rights 

Matthew Maher :  Angsty Cocktail Party, a video piece grappling with internal struggle, boundaries, and human connection and interaction. Viewers have options to immerse fully as a voyeur or maintain a safe distance. Artist Talk: March 4, 7pm

Ruth Dusseault: (featured image above): Theory of Killing. One of the military’s largest unspoken challenges is that new soldiers will resist killing. After a full course of training, they are delivered to the theater of war. They do not shoot, even facing the enemy: perhaps awestruck by the likeness of their opponent. It is an age-old dilemma that puts the soldier at risk and threatens the success of the campaign. To address the problem, military scientists have developed simulation facilities that include virtual reality, video games and full-scale mock villages. In the civilian world, these innovations have inspired the entertainment industry to develop commercial games like Counter-Strike Global Offensive and entrepreneurs to build recreational battlefields for paintball, airsoft and milsim games. In Theory of Killing we find a paintball player who is clearly too innocent. His evasiveness creates a poetic reverie on our natural resistance to kill. Artist Talk: March 4, 7pm

Johnny Drago Another Day. Fire and famine. Silence and stillness. Scarlett and Rhett. Using techniques of toy theatre and tableau vivant, Another Day peers into the painful territory of an iconically troubled marriage, in order to investigate unspoken longing, escapist fantasies, and our fundamental inability to connect with those we love the most. Live performances: Feb 13, 27, & March 13, 6:30-9:30pm

Ruth Stanford : Deliberation combines the iconic presence of a police car with the documented testimony of major players in the Michael Brown case. For better or worse, these are the voices that speak for the one individual who can no longer tell his story.  The most demanding voices are the ones that have been silenced. Though we are unable to hear those voices, they are the ones asking us to consider where we find ourselves as a nation and as human beings. They are asking for our careful attention, for listening, for openness, and for change.  Artist Talk: March 4, 7pm

Deliberation Schedule

real cop.jpg
  • February 13: Dashboard/Varsity
  • February 17-20: Georgia Tech, Ferst Center for the Arts
  • February 21: Center for Civil and Human Rights
  • March 1-4: Ponce City Market (Mailchimp)
  • March 5-7 BurnAway's Art Crush Auction (Abrams Fixtures)
  • March 12: Top Flr (in conjunction with Conflict Kitchen)





Artist Talks: Michi Meko & Ruth Stanford, Feb 25, 7pmMatthew Maher & Ruth Dusseault, March 4, 7pm; Dr Derby and Nicole Cromartie, March 11, 6pm

Live Performances: Another Day, Feb 13, 27, & March 13, 6:30-9:30pm
*story is not linear, arrive anytime during the 3-hour window.

Film Screening: Dirt and Deeds in Mississippi, 
Co-produced by Dr. Doris Derby, March 19, 7pm, MUST RSVP
Support the completion of this film by attending, free with donations at the door.  Southern-style snacks by Chef Curtis Ross

Conflict Kitchen
March 12, 6:30pm, Artist Talk at Dash Gallery; 8:00PM, Dinner by Conflict Kitchen at TOP FLR
Conflict Kitchen is a restaurant, located in PA that only serves cuisine from countries with which the United States is in conflict.


This program is supported in part by the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs.

This program is supported in part by the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs.

Funding for this program is provided by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners.    

Funding for this program is provided by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners.    


MID GALLERY (cont'd)

ON HIATUS:  LITTLE CHAPEL, est 2014 (returns March 21! Get wed then, lovebirds!)

Dash offers 24-hour wedding services.  As an experiment and an ongoing program of Dashboard's, we now host wedding services in Little Chapel, 24 hours a day. 

Dig: Little Chapel


Cube space, located adjacent to the North and Mid Galleries is currently being used as a dance rehearsal studio by the likes of Lucky Penny, Jessica Gaines, Erik Thurmond and Fly on a Wall. Scoot by to catch em' in the window fronts. Look for upcoming presentations by The Relationship Between Orion Crook and Stephanie Pharr.